TilEd 2002

TilEd 2002

An editor for tiles that supports cross platform tile formats
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Editing your tiles can be a detailed and time consuming job, especially if you are creating and editing images for tiles that your require for many of the different platforms available. The TilEd 2002 0.6 software tile editing program could be just what your need since it has cross platform support for formats including the Mega Drive, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Master System, Virtua Boy, Neo Geo Pocket, Snes, Nes and Wonderswan. Programmed in visual Basic 6, this editor is fast and complies with native machine code. TilEd 2002 presents, to you, a bright and colorful graphic interface that is user friendly and where you can work in a multi window layout if you need to. The main layout features a windows style toolbar which you can keep alongside the basic menu or have running down the left hand side for your convenience. You can select the platform you are working with from the drop down menu or mode feature and the color palette, tile tool Editor and Editor Control windows can all be displayed for working with in the main interface window or can be used singularly. There is also a Browser Text and Characters editing feature. Color palettes can be loaded and saved from Boycott, Cygne, Zsnes, Nesticle and other emulators.

R. Fernandez
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